Warhawks of Venture

Welcome to Venture City

We start our adventure mid-morning in Venture City's Eastern district. It is here that Simon Strange has set up shop, Jeremiah Locke and Clyde Keye have found a cheap office for rent, and Ernesto Valiente finds the easiest marks. It is also here that something awakened beneath the streets below.


Just as Locke was taking a sip from his morning coffee and Keye was biting into his doughnut, a large mechanical hand burst up from the street! The two were generally unphased by this development, citing having seen worse in Vietnam, until a second hand burst up shortly afterwards. It was here the two decided to take action. Locke got to work clearing out the street of pedestrians while Keye tried to climb the now emerging head of this giant metal monstrosity. The surface of the robot proved to be too slick for any handholds and while Keye slipped off to the mech, Simon made his dramatic entrance, transforming his motorcycle that he was test riding into a mechanical suit complete with a very large hammer.

Locke put his supernatural good luck to use calling the robots attention over to him, but always staying just out of reach as Keye discerned the weakpoints of the now emerged upper torso. Keye passed this information along to Simon, who used his mighty hammer to cripple the robot's movements. Ernesto, who had been robbing an electronics store nearby and had taken to watching the unfolding mayhem, decided now would be a good time to join the fray. Using his teleporting powers, Ernesto built up enough momentum to shred the robot clean in half, stopping it from completely emerging from underneath the street and from no doubt causing countless damage to the city.


Locke and Keye remained on scene to give their reports to the local police, having finally arrive. Locke also tried to figure out the mystery behind the symbol, a gear with an arrow through it, on the body of the bot, but either lacked the time or resources to truly unwrap that mystery.  As each of the four returned home later that day, they were all greeted to an envelope pushed under their doors. Inside each was a small decide that, once activated, relayed a message from a young woman who expressed interest in meeting the four to discuss the heroics the exhibited earlier that day.



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